iRealty Virtual Brokers is a real estate brokerage like no other. Intentionally. iRealty was created with an entirely new approach to real estate brokerage. We designed our business model around our clients’ needs. Everything we do is based on our clients’ best interests. That includes everything about how we communicate and serve our clients from the first day to closing and beyond. When clients are placed at the center of the business Universe, it changes everything about how they are served.

We bring several critical components of our business model together for our clients. Imagine the best technology in the world, the best Internet tools and the best marketing strategies. Imagine bringing these tools together with a total focus to provide clients everything they need and want.

iRealty Virtual BrokersThen imagine a commitment to hire only brokers with the highest standards of honesty and integrity, and who also agree with our mission to put our clients at the center of our Universe in every way. We will walk away from a commission before compromising our clients’ best interests. Add to that some of the most experienced and educated brokers in the country, and you have a level of competence and professionalism that is almost unheard of.

We believe the best technology, extensive knowledge and competence, the most experience, and the highest commitment to honesty is the best way to run a real estate brokerage.

Consistent with all of this is the way we structured iRealty Virtual Brokers. We eliminated the expensive bricks-and-mortar, because it did not serve the best interests of our clients in this modern era of the Internet. We created technologies to serve our clients and our work behind the scenes. We use the cloud and digital transaction management. We’ve reduced costs so dramatically, that also increases the net commissions our Brokers take home. That redounds to our clients’ interest because each Broker can focus more time and effort on each individual client.

All iRealty Virtual Brokers work out of their home offices, and all participate in our Virtual office meetings, training, and webinars. They must meet the highest standards. They also tend to be well adjusted, well educated, very professional, and enjoyable to work with. There’s a reason we have such strong client loyalty.

This is who we are. We are iRealty Virtual Brokers.